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You refuse to kick while I’m around


We are in week 18 of your pregnancy. Everyday I hear stories about you moving around inside of your mother’s stomach. She tells me how she can feel every movement. Every kick.

Some days she will call me into the room and tell me to place my hand on her stomach. I will literally move your mother’s hand and place mine where she just felt you kick. I feel nothing. I move my hand around, I feel nothing.

It’s like you already know how to play games with me. The funny thing is I actually enjoy it. I’m not going to enjoy it when you’re older and possibly smarter than I am.

One day you’re going to kick really hard and I will feel your kicks. That’s what makes me excited the most. I wish you were already here. Grandma and Grandpa keep telling me that you will be here sooner than I can believe.

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