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Our First Home Together


When we first discovered your mother was pregnant, we lived in a one bedroom apartment. It was in a complex called Esplanade. We lived in building #14 on the second floor in apartment #2095. This is also the place you were conceived. It’s pretty cute and your mother put her personal touch on everything. After the first ultrasound, we knew we needed a bigger place. Mostly because you needed...



Daddy: The minute we found out we were pregnant with you we started putting things in place and we found someone to do an ultrasound. They were recommended by our insurance company so we figured why not. The place was called baby’s first image. I was not happy at the end of the ultrasound. Mostly because I thought the ultrasound technician rushed through everything. And they never sent us...

You refuse to kick while I’m around


We are in week 18 of your pregnancy. Everyday I hear stories about you moving around inside of your mother’s stomach. She tells me how she can feel every movement. Every kick. Some days she will call me into the room and tell me to place my hand on her stomach. I will literally move your mother’s hand and place mine where she just felt you kick. I feel nothing. I move my hand around...

Hi Baby


It was April 3rd, 2017. It was late in the morning, around 10:30 am, when your mother mentioned she was not feeling so well. I asked her if she was having morning sickness. That’s the exact moment we thought about you. I work for a web development company called WebDevStudios.com. I support websites. Your mother is between jobs and has a few interviews lined up that seem to be very...

Jameson Colby Since 9/25

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