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Our First Home Together


When we first discovered your mother was pregnant, we lived in a one bedroom apartment. It was in a complex called Esplanade. We lived in building #14 on the second floor in apartment #2095. This is also the place you were conceived. It’s pretty cute and your mother put her personal touch on everything. After the first ultrasound, we knew we needed a bigger place. Mostly because you needed your own room. Your room is also known as a nursery.

You can see by the photos, there was no way a baby crib and all the necessary items needed to raise a child would fit in the apartment. I just wouldn’t work. There’s nothing to suggest it would have worked. It’s definitely not a baby friendly place.

We started looking for a new place in late February of 2017. We were going to move anyway. The apartment complex staff sucked, and the people living there also sucked. We loved the location because it was close to all of the places we went to. It was close to your mother’s previous job and close to the place I held WordPress meetups. I can work anywhere as I work remotely.

We found a place in Summerlin. It was a single story apartment. We really liked the place and it had an awesome garage. They had a place open around the time we wanted to move in. The place in Esplanade was on a second floor and it was not fun when we had to bring the groceries up. So the garage and the single story really appealed to us.

Then your mother got a job doing customer service for a company called boxed.com. It’s an online retail store where you can buy things in bulk. It’s actually pretty cool. Your mother’s job is on the other side of Las Vegas. It’s out by Grandma and Grandpa’s house near Nellis Air Force Base. So after your mother was hired, we knew we had to move closer to the job.

The drive from Esplanade to Boxed was anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour drive. That’s all depending on the traffic. Your mother hated that drive. That’s why we had to move closer to her job. We also wanted to be closer to the hospital you were born in and closer to Grandpa and Grandma.


On June 17th, 2017 we walked into our new apartment complex. It’s called Presidio. Our new apartment number is #1191. It’s on the first floor and it’s close to everything we could ever need. If you look on a map, you’ll see our new place is literally on the opposite side of Las Vegas. It’s a big move.

As I’m writing this to you, we’re sitting in the Esplanade apartment. It’s cloudy and overcast. It’s June. So the heat sucks. We’re in a crazy mode planning everything. We have so much to do. We’re so excited to be moving into our new place together. It’s going to forever be our first place. Nothing can change that. We move in July 1st, 2017. Now, all we need is you. Whenever you’re ready.

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